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Electric Fat Bike

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RadRover Electric Fat Bike tire bike manufacturer Rad Power Bikes has unveil the rearmost model of its flagship RadRover. We develop important, dependable bikes, bikes that are confidence- inspiring and easy to use, ” Redwood Stephens, principal product officer of Rad Power Bikes, told TechCrunch.

We ’ve fully redesigned the system to have a new stoner interface, big buttons, big textbook illuminated. The same with the power help situations. You ’ve got big up and down arrows which are super easy to use. Stephens said the company’s thing is to get people out of buses .

In February, Rad Power Bikes raised$ 150 million from investors like Morgan Stanley’s Negation Global Fund and Fidelity Management & Research Company.

Product development is the# 1 threat associated with any crowdfunding design as it’s precious, time consuming, and veritably many new companies have a high enough pain forbearance to get through. After eight times in the ebike and electric vehicle technology assiduity, Rad Power Bikes has all the tools to give you with your dream ebike. Upon completion of the crusade, the RadRover batch numero uno will go into product incontinently.

7 reviews for RadRover Electric Fat Bike

  1. pete w.Verified Buyer

    “ Nice bike”. I’ve often heard that in passing. Easy to use and fun to ride. I tried making my own electronic bike but it was ugly and cumbersome. Glad we bought these j b Ike’s.

  2. Trevor S.

    Love the bike. I use it for commuting to work and for ripping the local trails. Great for in the winter snow too.

  3. Stephanie J.

    Well made sturdy bike that has great power.

  4. ernie c.

    WOW what a great bike built solid as a rock although i have been ridding motorcycle for 40 years my wife picked up riding in 5 minutes . a little instruction and off she went . the brakes had too be

  5. Conrad T

    I love this bike ,it is very comfortable to ride, smooth shifting, and battery lasts a long time, a bit underpowered on steep hills but overall a great bike.

  6. Tim R

    Bike has met all my expectations. Easy to install and easy to operate.

  7. Remo B

    Sòlid, good quality and great to ride. Saves me tons of time while offsetting tons of carbon footprint and traffic jam stress.

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