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RadMission 1 is a smooth-riding, great-priced commuter-oriented ebike equipped with 500 watts of power and is ideal for those who want to commute to work or cruise around town efficiently while still getting exercise. We discovered the RadMission 1 is extremely efficient with its battery usage during our testing and provides the rider with enough power to get up steep hills despite only having one gear.

You’re going to notice how lightweight this bike is and how fast it rolls compared to other budget level ebikes. The pedal assist on this bike engages smoothly and feels quite natural below you, which is great because some ebikes take over with the assist they give.

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Rad Power Bikes has develop the RadMission 1 in two different frame styles, a Mid-Step, and a High-Step frame. A wide range of riders can fit on the RadMission 1 comfortably because of the two frame sizes. The Mid-Step fits those who are 5’2″ – 6’2″, and the High-Step fits those who are 5’10” to 6 ‘4″ With plenty of color options and optional accessories, we are confident that there’s a RadMission 1 setup perfect for you.

You can order it with a simple mid-step or classic ‘double diamond’ frame.  Other e-bike manufacturers have taken a similar approach. VanMoof’s third-gen e-bike, for instance, comes with a standard S3 frame or ‘radically compact’ X3 alternative. I’m roughly 1.7 meters tall, so I went with the mid-step it in a predominantly white color scheme. The frame also comes in black, while the high-step is available in a black or dreary gray.

Unsurprisingly, Rad Power Bikes hasn’t taken any risks with the design. The aluminum frame is pair with steel forks that are heavy but dependable. The 504 Wh battery sits on top of the downtube, rather than inside, while the controller box rests behind the seat tube. No attempt has been made to hide these components. If you’re coasting through town, everyone will know that your bike has a pedal-assist motor.

2 reviews for RadMission 1

  1. rnie Santoro, Wakefield RI

    riding ebikes…has changed my life. To make my health situation even more unique to the eBike invention, I had full right hip replacement surgery last November. While I can only do 7 miles at a time, riding her has really help to strengthen my legs & my hips, not to mention how it has improved my overall balance. I challenge myself and often use just the first 4 speeds before I connect the pedal assist power; but when I do, I can go at least 2 miles longer!” Thanks Better Ebikes.

  2. Denise Russ, Wakefield RI

    “My husband and I are cyclists and on an average ride 125 miles a week. When we were introduced to eBikes it made cycling more FUN. We are now riding more and taking our granddaughter for the ride with us. We hit the bike path a couple of times a week with her. It’s keeping us connected with the grandkids and staying fit at the same time. The eBike is an environmentally friendly form of transportation. Thank you NBX Bikes for making cycling that much more fun. Ride For The Fun Of It!” Thanks Better Ebikes

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