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Electric Commuter Bike

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RadCity Electric Commuter Bike has a modern matte gunmetal gray finish with cool orange highlights displaying the name, company brand, and some striping. It is great looking bike and I have had nothing but positive comments from everyone who has seen it.

The handlebars are in a riser form and can be raised and lowered with the adjustable stem. The handgrips are comfortable too and after nearly 200 miles of riding I have yet to feel any discomfort from them. There is a fairly loud, easy to operate, bell on the left side with the display controller and level selector switch located a few inches from the bell.

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The right side handgrip is shorter than the left because the inner most two inches rotates as the throttle for the electric bike. This functions like a motorcycle with a rotation towards you causing the bike to accelerate. The more you rotate the handle, the faster you go forward. There is a red toggle switch for the throttle in case you want to keep yourself from giving in to the full throttle, Nacho Libre mode. The Shimano gear shift is also located on the right side with a lever and a button used to shift up and down, as you need.

7 reviews for RadCity Electric Commuter Bike

  1. Louis M

    So easy to ride, easy to assemble, great quality construction and supreme customer service. Could Not be happier

  2. Colleen M.

    I am really enjoying my Rad 4 bike. It’s making those difficult hills do able. I get at least 50 km, the farthest I have went so far, exploring different places.

  3. Hieu N.

    I like the bike, very solid good quality, but I haven’t gotten the chance to ride far because winter rain and cold, hope it will perform as good as it build.

  4. Theresa K.

    So far so good. We’re really liking our new E-bikes!

  5. Gary H.

    4 years ago I was running 5k 3 times a week One day I went to work and collapsed with a massive stroke I wound up in the ICU paralyzed and unable to speak It took me 3 months learn to walk again Unfortunately I gained 65 lbs and developed diabetes and hypertension In the past 5 months I dieted and rode my radcity 4 40k every day I have lost 40 lbsRead more about review stating Losing weight and my diabetes and hypertension have all but disappeared

  6. Bruce B.

    My RadCity Version 4 is more fun than I even imagined it would be. The throttle makes starting off from a stopped position a snap, and the electric pedal assist flattens hills almost magically. It is comfortable and well thought out. There is no down side to this bike.

  7. Aly A.

    Excellent performance responds amazingly instant.

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