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Rad Wagon Electric Cargo Bike has launch a new interpretation of arguably its most popular electric bike the RadWagon. RadWagon 4, as the new interpretation is called, now comes in a everyday look and allows riders to carry indeed more weight than ahead. The electric bike has been launched at a starting price of$,599( Rs1.21 lakh).

The RadWagon series has always had this plus of offering further weight space to riders over all other electric bikes on offer. It makes them feasible too, especially for those looking to shift to a greener mobility option. A common failing with electric bikes is that indeed for short distances, riders can not carry too important baggage.

Structure on enwrapping this space in the request, Rad Power Bikes has made some advancements on their being RadWagon series and introduced the RadWagon 4. The price of$,599 presently stands at$,499, as for now, the company is only takingpre-orders for thee-bike. Shipping is list to start in September.

So what happens when it hits the roads? We can anticipate people using it to make their daily passages to the grocery stores and do other similar chores. To help those who ca n’t hawk the whole time, the connected battery will always prove helpful.

3 reviews for Rad Wagon Electric Cargo Bike

  1. Josh G

    It’s like the minivan of bikes. It isn’t cool, but it is practical to haul kids around the city.

  2. Micheal Ray

    I have the Rad Wagon with the front rack, caboose, and conestoga. My 40km roundtrip daily commute with 2 & 4 year old kiddos in the back is a breeze and the kids get to stay warm & dry in the back. I am so pleased with this bike, and so happy to no longer need to drive!

  3. Erica Moore

    The RadWagon 4 is great. Easy to ride. My grandkids love it. I’ve also used it to transport plants and bags of potting soil from garden shops.

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