Harley-Davidson Softail Custom 1584

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1584cc 4 stroke
Engine Size
20,944 km



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Harley-Davidson Softail Custom 1584  two exploration developments came together in 1984 when Harley- Davidson introduced the Softail model family. Work on the Softail frame, which hid the hinder suspense to give the bike the look of hard tail copters of the60’s and70’s, began inSt. Louis in 1974.

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Harley had begun work on a new machine in 1977. The elaboration debuted on five models in 1984 including the all new Softail family. Two new models joined the Softail family in 1986, the FXSTC Softail Custom and the FLST Heritage Softail. The” F” designates a big binary machine and the” ST” stands for the Softail lattice.

The major difference is in the frontal spoons. The Softail Custom had a narrow, Sportster type chopstick,” X”. The Heritage used the larger periphery spoons,” L”, like those on Harley’s touring models.
That first Harley- Davidson Softail Custom was a customized interpretation of the standard Softail with a bartered out machine with chrome covers, chrome frame accentuations, and a passenger backrest. The skinny 21 inch frontal wheel and forward mounted bottom rests added to the eggbeater style aesthetics of the Custom.

The Softail Custom remained enough much the same motorcycle through the 1999 model time, its final product time, for awhile.

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