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Buy RadRunner 1 Online

Buy RadRunner 1 Online  has made a name for itself producing super-affordable, super-practical e-bikes, and business is going absolutely gangbusters. Now, the company has introduced its most affordable bike yet – the stripped-back, simple RadRunner urban getabout, and it’s upgradable to carry passengers or a heap of cargo.

The Seattle-based company is growing at breakneck speed, going from 30 employees just 14 months ago to around 130 today, and 210 by the end of the year. Five years from now,” he told us over a Skype call, “the vast majority of e-bikes sold in North America will be through our company.

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Radenbaugh’s recipe for success? Forget the early adopters. Make affordable, practical and simple bikes for the 99 percent. Drop fancy, expensive features in favor of bigger batteries, and offer customers a basic machine that they can spec up with accessories to suit the way they want to use it. The RadRunner, he says, is “a culmination of everything we stand for.”

It’s a chunky looking mini moped of a thing, with a step-through frame, battery on the downtube, integrated front, rear and brake lights, fat 20-by-3.3-inch heavy duty Kenda tires, a centerstand and a rock-solid rear rack. Total carrying capacity is 300 lb (136 kg) with up to 120 lb (54.4 kg) on the back rack.

9 reviews for Buy RadRunner 1 Online

  1. Daniel K.

    Great bike the Rad Runner Plus. Ride with my partner all the time and have so much fun

  2. Glenn G.

    Just reached the 300 mile mark! I use the bike almost daily for a 15 mile round trip commute. Reaching 23~ mph allows me to get to work pretty quickly. The pedal assistance and throttle allows me to get to work not out of breath and sweaty. The fenders do a good job of keeping my clothes clean. The seat is comfortable and the suspension is really Read more about review stating Phenomenal Bike w/ a few Minor Shortcomingsnice for absorbing bumps. I use a bungee net to secure my backpack to the passenger seat and that’s a really nice method of storage. I installed a bottle holder on the frame underneath the handle bars. I also installed a phone mount on the handlebars and it works well. The bell is nice when passing people on sidewalks/bike trails, but I usually use the bike on the road. The taillight and headlight are both bright and make me feel safe when it gets darker. Riding with no hands is also pretty easy. The step thru design makes it easy to get on the bike when wearing suit pants/khakis.

    Couple of minor inconveniences I’ve noticed as I use the bike.
    I feel like the seat doesn’t clamp unless you have the perfect tightness. It took a while for me to tighten the seat correctly or else a bump would have the seat slide down to the bottom.
    Also, you cant insert/remove the battery without sliding the seat clamp out of the way. Took me a while to figure out why my battery wasn’t going in.
    The bolt that holds the headlight stripped right away and it’s impossible to tighten. Bumps move the headlight up and down a bit.
    I wish the throttle had a thumb rest so you can keep your right hand on the comfortable part of the handle while using thumb for throttle control.
    I wish the buttons to adjust passive assist were more distinct since I wear gloves while riding and it can be difficult to feel what button you’re pressing without looking.
    The “walk” feature is a little bit too fast for my liking. I almost have to do a light jog to keep up with the bike when using the “walk” feature but it might be because it’s meant for uphills and surfaces that slow the bike down like tall grass or mushy grass? Rolling the bike on flat road doesn’t cause issues.
    The chain grazes the plastic guard just a little bit when the bike is in any gear below 7.
    The gear system is almost pointless IMO, because you have assistance, I use 7th gear almost all the time. It might be useful to have the gears when going up steep inclines but most of my commute is flat.

    All in all, this is an absolutely amazing e-bike. This is my first e-bike so I can’t compare it to other models, but I like almost everything about this model. If you are thinking about possibly commuting for work or other activities, I would recommend it. The upfront cost is large, but you save money by not needing to pay for parking, gas, insurance, registration, maintenance like you would for car.
    However, I live in the Midwest so in the winter and on stormy days I will still need a car.
    I think if Rad Power Bikes makes some changes to remedy some of the minor inconveniences this bike will be absolutely perfect.

  3. Dianne H.

    My one year old and I love our bike! Made some mods to get the Thule Yepp Mini on the front and we are all over the place. This thing performs great on trails, including loose steep sandy conditions where we live in Tahoe. We definitely put it to the test on the regular and it has been doing great. 75 miles on the odometer so far and we are happy Read more about review stating We love it!riders 🙂

  4. John A.

    Being a bit on the fence about ebikes, we went ahead and purchased one. After riding it around a bit, we purchased another. We’ve been extremely happy with both bikes and the company has been great to work with. I would highly recommend this product and company to friends.

  5. Ann

    I am loving my new radrunner plus! I love taking it around town and on the trails. I did reach out to rad power customer support earlier this month about seeking a replacement part and have not heard back from them yet. Any follow up to my request would be great – thanks!

  6. Kathleen P.

    It’s a great bike,i usually ride 20 to 25 miles a day for fun and exercise and am amazed by all the things I see that I never new were there. I constantly get people who want to know about my bike and comment what a great looking bike it is.

  7. Dianne H. Verified

    I have really enjoyed my RadRunner Plus. It was not too difficult to assemble and I was off and riding within hours. I have eliminated several car rides and used my bike. I love to pedal and have the power assist kick in. It makes my ride smooth and fun.

  8. Mary W

    Bikes high quality and easy for someone 60 plus to ride. You sit upright so there’s no leaning into the bike .I have already
    Run errands on my Rad Runner Plus…

  9. Susan O.

    We love our Rad bikes. Easy to maneuver

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