BMW HP4 Competition MY13

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Super Sport
999cc 4 stroke
Engine Size
11,040 km



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BMW HP4 Competition MY13 After the original BMW S1000RR readdressed the superbike class in 2010 through its use of electronic assists, the 2015 model was the third generation and also the last of the ‘ old- academy ’ RR modes before it was fully redesign for 2019 with the preface of the ShiftCam motor. It’s not cheap but it’s a fabulous sportsbike that has further than enough power for any track or road performance bike addict.

The RR was vend in a many packages to help buyers with their decision. Actually it was n’t important help as utmost just went for the full- spec model anyway! In 2015 the base bike cost£,700 new but the Sport model, which came with further bling, was the big dealer and cost£,760. currently the RR holds its value well in the habituate request and you’re looking at paying around the£,000 mark for a Sport in a dealership with private deals just over£ 9000. There are a many base- model bikes out there for under£ 9000 but if you’re paying this important you might as well get the Sport as it’ll hold its value more.

4 reviews for BMW HP4 Competition MY13

  1. Jaden Stokes

    But don’t just take our word for it, read our customer reviews below.

  2. Alexis Anderson

    Great communication, easy purchase, will do business again!
    Excellent, bike was presented well, and the process of purchasing the bike along with the hand over was perfect all the way through

  3. Lilith Cox

    Excellent colour

  4. Grace Ross

    Thanks Diana , love the help in purchasing the bike. Better Ebikes is highly recommended

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